İronwell Multiplex Scanner

— • Produced for the second time in the World and for the first time in Turkey
— • On The Leading Edge Of Multiplex System

This product is produced with the latest technology by filtering all the problems encountered so far with multiplex systems. User screen informs the user about sensors and user’s commands to the equipment during asphalt paving.

• Strength and speed of ultrasonic signal is increased 2.5 times in order to prevent errors under heat, humidity, sandstorm and strong wind.
• • Home screen interface is user friendly and informs the operator in every respect.
1. System test
2. Instant distance every sensor works on
3. Operating range
4. Which sensor is cut-out
5. Which sensor or cable gives error
6. Sensors are on or off
• • It is not effected by oscillation on gauge profile and eliminates mistakes by making 9 measurements per second.
• Optionally;
1. Your company logo and name can be placed on splash screen (for prestige and safety purposes)
2. IRONWELL system you purchased for your company is encrypted exclusively for you. (Working pieces do not work on any other systems and are exclusive, the company they belong to can be understood at the service when visited for breakdowns.)
— Made in Turkey
— 2 years of warranty, spare part and servicing support
— Exact replacement of devices which cannot be repaired


Several Projects in Which Our Ironwell Multiplex Scanner is Used

— Connecting Roads for 3rd Airport
— Connecting Roads for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge
— Ordu – Sivas Highway
— ONUR GRUP Projects